To say the University of Hawaii’s Center on Disability Studies is courting controversy would be an understatement. Their “Pono Choices” program is giving out gift cards to middle school students for participating in what many are calling an outrageously graphic sex education class.

Before we get into the disgusting details of the class in question, it’s important to once again visit an argument conservatives and liberals have been having for years. It’s the slippery slope argument. In formal debate, using “slippery slope” arguments is considered a logical fallacy. But the fallacious version of these arguments centers around “will” contentions. Gun registration “will” lead to government confiscations. Legalized marijuana “will” lead to legalized heroin. And so on. It’s easy to see the logical holes in these arguments.

Conservatives rarely go out on that kind of limb, though. They merely contend that, hey, it wouldn’t be surprising to see us headed in that direction. Maybe we should rethink where we’re going. And while these arguments may not hold up in a formal, logical debate, isn’t it fascinating how often we’ve been proven right?

We argued that legalizing gay marriage would lead to the legalization of “other” kinds of marriage. We are already starting to see a groundswell of support for legalized polygamy. Why? Because there are no logical arguments for the recognition of gay marriage that do not hold equally true for polygamy.

Now we face the same shift when it comes to sex education. Conservatives have been very wary about introducing mandatory sex education in schools. We lost that battle decisively, and now we’re starting to see the fruits of our defeat.

The Pono Choices program is only one of many nationwide sex education curriculums that have raised the ire of parents everywhere. It includes instruction – meant for 11,12, and 13-year-olds – on the topics of anal sex, oral sex, and sex with multiple partners. According to critics – and there are many – the classes normalize homosexuality among middle schoolers without presenting the dangers inherent in what many consider “deviant” behavior.

Now, the extreme liberals behind the Pono Choices program want to reach out to Hawaiian kids, bribing them with gift cards to get them on board with the perversion. It’s the latest disgusting tactic by an increasingly brazen left wing, intended to erode traditional values in this country until there is no remnant of our national foundation left.

There’s a growing voice amongst Republican voters that says it’s time for the party to drop the social issues entirely. I couldn’t disagree more. Small government, national defense, cutting the deficit…these are all important issues. But we must continue to battle liberalism wherever it appears. We must battle the morally bankrupt Democrats who insist on perverting this country. We must hold true to the traditional values that helped form the greatest country the world has seen in 5,000 years of recorded history. Because in the end, everything is a social issue.