The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris last week have given the liberal media license to denigrate just about everything except Islamic extremists. We’ve seen them point the finger at guns, we’ve seen them accuse Charlie Hebdo of inciting violence by attacking religion, and we’ve seen them use the event to fight back against Republicans who want to block illegal amnesty.

Now CNN’s religion editor, Daniel Burke, is ready to point the finger of accusation in the direction of France. Not only that, but he believes that the attack on Charlie Hebdo is in many ways similar to the rioting we saw in the United States.

“I think it’s kind of like what we saw in Ferguson,” Burke said on Wednesday morning. “That this was a kind of, in some ways, the tinder that lit the spark, but the embers were already burning. There is a prevailing feeling in France among many Muslims that they are not treated as part of the state at large. France has a very proud, very long secular history, and it’s not always done the best of integrating any of its religious minorities, French Muslims included.”

In other words, if countries don’t bend over backwards to change their government to make room for religious minorities, violent attacks will ensue. Except…Burke himself admits that France has a problem integrating any of its religious minorities. Yet, I don’t remember any Christian terrorist attacks drawing thousands into the streets of Paris. I can’t remember Jewish terror organizations murdering innocent Parisians because they didn’t feel welcome in the country. Nope…just Muslims. Again.

A Justified Prejudice

If there was a cloud of Islamophobia hanging around France before last week, perhaps there is good reason for that prejudice. Is it wrong for a country to support free speech? Is it wrong for people raised in a democracy to want to preserve that form of government for their children? Every time a liberal talks about a “backlash against Muslims,” they ignore the fact that Islam is not a race. You can be a white Muslim just as easily as you can be a black Muslim or an Arab Muslim. The prejudice against this religion has nothing to do with backgrounds and everything to do with its incompatibility with the values Westerners hold most dear.

A Reversed Scenario

You know, it’s funny. The left has made “victim blaming” one of its chief points of criticism over the last couple of years. When some argued that Eric Garner and Michael Brown could have stayed alive if they had responded to police requests, they were accused of blaming the victim. When someone suggests that a woman can perhaps save herself from the trauma of rape by avoiding risky situations and excessive drinking, they too are accused of victim blaming. But when it is a protected minority doing the shooting, suddenly victim blaming becomes a-OK. In fact, it’s racist and bigoted to blame the perpetrators.

We don’t really need to know why Islamic extremists carried out this attack, any more than we needed to know why Osama bin Laden carried out his. Their justifications are just that. Excuses for murder. If we can agree that such barbarism has no place in civilized society, then all this hand-wringing can be dismissed.