For months and months (and months), President Trump’s left-wing haters have demanded that he behave himself more like a respectful, “presidential” representative of the White House. But as we saw this week, even when he puts aside his pugilism and conducts himself with all of the decorum they claim to want to see, they just find another way to bash him. Aw, he’s faking it. Aw, he’s no real president. Aw, to hell with this guy. Which gives you Demonstration #1,348 why there’s absolutely no reason for any Republican to ever try and please the liberal pundits in the press.

Are you listening, Jeff Flake?

President Trump was the very picture of presidential reverence on Monday when he visited the U.S. Capitol to pay his respects to his late predecessor, George H. W. Bush. Naturally, the boneheads on CNN felt this was just another occasion to tell their viewers how terrible Trump is as both a president and a human being.

CNN correspondent Jamie Gangel kicked it off, telling Anderson Cooper: “Barack Obama, Bill Clinton – two Democrats – they called Bush 41 a gentleman, total class. This is the embodiment of just how different it can be. And that’s a message to Trump.”

As far as Trump’s trip to the Capitol? “I think he’s doing this because he feels he has to do it,” Gangel said. “And I’m also assuming that General Kelly has had a big hand in it.”

Yeah. And if not General Kelly, then maybe Ivanka. And if not her, then maybe Putin told him to pay his respects. Certainly, there’s no way Trump did it because he simply wanted to. No, that wouldn’t fit with the abject monster we’ve made him out to be for the last three years.

CNN wasn’t the only group of liberals who used Trump’s Rotunda visit as an excuse to blast the president. Perennial idiot Joy Behar did the same thing over at “The View,” when the panel began talking about George H.W. Bush and his legacy. And fellow panelist Meghan McCain – no fan of Trump in her own right – took exception to Behar’s remarks, leading to a testy exchange.

After discussing some of the good work (read, liberal nonsense) that the elder Bush did – notably, his efforts on the environment – Behar said, “This president that we have now is trying to unravel everything that he and Obama did. And if I ever become a one-issue voter, it will be about pollution and the greenhouse effect.”

“I don’t want to talk about Trump,” McCain interjected. “We’re honoring a great president who has passed.”

“Excuse me a second, please!” Behar snapped.

McCain said that she wasn’t particularly “interested” in what Behar’s one-issue voting positions were, and that’s when the fur began to fly, forcing host Whoopi Goldberg to throw the show to commercial.

But, whatever. We’re not even sure these brainwashed leftists even know any better at this point. They’ve turned Donald Trump into a full-fledged supervillain, and they are incapable of seeing him through any other lens. We just worry about the millions of Americans who watch this crap and start buying into it themselves.