Whistleblower Reveals Kerry’s Secret Alias

(TotalConservative.com) – Recent testimonials from whistleblowers revealed that former State Secretary John Kerry used a secret email under a different name to correspond while serving in the Obama administration as America’s highest-ranking diplomat.

The whistleblowers came to GOP Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who sent a letter on Monday, June 17, to current Secretary of State Antony Blinken seeking answers about whether or not the former State Secretary violated federal records law while in office.

According to the letter, the whistleblowers told the senators that the former Secretary of State used “[email protected]” as an alternative email during his time in office. If true, this means Kerry has something in common with his predecessor, former State Secretary Hillary Clinton, and with President Joe Biden during his time as vice president under the Obama administration alongside Kerry.

The letter to Blinken requests confirmation about whether or not Kerry “properly complied” with legislation regulating federal records keeping. They also asked if the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests responses included communications by Kerry from his secondary email address.

Johnson and Grassley noted how they raised such concerns about record-keeping laws since 2015 as investigations into Clinton were ongoing, and then again in 2021 regarding Biden, noting how his administration “failed to address” the president’s lack of compliance with those laws while he was vice president. Biden sent around 82,000 pages in private emails using three different aliases, most of which haven’t been released yet.

The senators also reminded the State Secretary of questions raised a few weeks prior about allegations that Kerry may have interfered with Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) efforts to capture Iranian terrorists in order to lock in a nuclear deal called the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” which ultimately failed. In the letter, they asked Blinken if the former State Secretary supported such efforts out of a “desire to cement” the deal.

The letter concludes by informing Blinken he has until Monday, July 1, to give them a response before they take further action.

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