White House Accused of Watering Down Vetting Process for Chinese Illegals

(TotalConservative.com) – Chinese illegal immigrants coming over the southern border will have a much easier time gaining entry thanks to a Biden administration policy reducing the number of questions asked from 40 to just five. The April 2023 policy change was exclusively revealed by the Daily Caller.

In the report, they outline an email from April 2023 that instructs all Customs and Border Patrolmen to dramatically reduce the number of questions they ask of Chinese nationals trying to come in illegally over the southern border.

The change was a result of there being simply so many Chinese coming in that they couldn’t process them all in a timely fashion. Agents reported having to spend four hours with each illegal immigrant, now they can spend a few minutes before approving them for release into the interior.

The new guidance focuses on key aspects of the individual’s history to determine if he/she poses a significant security threat and should be scrutinized further by terrorism experts and possibly detained until deportation could be arranged.

Retired CBP agent J.J. Carrell speaking with the Daily Caller said that the result of this change is that it will allow more dangerous criminal elements and Chinese spies to enter the country. Another former official who wished to remain anonymous said that the illegals know how to avoid scrutiny and are coached in advance of their arrival at the southern border on how to avoid additional screenings or deportation.

Carrell said the human trafficking operations are advanced and sophisticated. They’ve managed to coach nearly all arrivals on how to gain entry with a court date years away.

The current backlog for immigration courts is already at an all time high, and arrivals will wait years before they are scrutinized by the legal system, presuming they even show up for their court date at all.

CBP has encountered roughly 35,000 Chinese illegals according to its data. The number of Chinese coming over the southern border spiked over 1000% between 2022 and 2023 with no sign of it declining in the future.

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