White House Makes Third Disclosure Of Classified Documents Being Discovered In Biden’s Possession

(TotalConservative.com) – Additional classified documents were found Saturday, January 14th at President Biden’s home in Delaware. This recent disclosure brings the total to three times documents marked classified were found in Joe Biden’s possession. The first happened back in November shortly before the midterm elections and was not disclosed until over two months later.

When asked if there would be any additional documents forthcoming in the search, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters, “You should assume that [the search has] been completed.” This a perfectly reasonable question considering there now have been three separate disclosures of the discoveries.

Documents were found in the President’s former office at the Penn Biden Center, his home office, and his home garage. Attorney General Merrick Garland put Robert Hur in charge of the investigation as Special Counsel. Hur will be examining whether Biden knowingly violated the law with regard to his handling of the documents. Typically the Department of Justice only pursues cases where it believes the mishandling was willful in violation of the law. Mishandling or ‘honest’ mistakes do not generally result in criminal charges for officials.

Hillary Clinton was infamous for her violation of the law regarding a private email server that processed classified information during her tenure at the State Department. The DOJ and FBI declined to prosecute.

“Five additional pages with classified markings were discovered… for a total of six pages,” White House Lawyer Richard Sauber said regarding Saturday’s discovery. Biden’s personal lawyers were sure to hand off any documents to DOJ officials who were with them during the search as they were not cleared to handle classified documents.

As to the content of the documents, it’s currently anyone’s guess. Authorities have been mum on the subject prompting some to wonder if they were innocuous or more sensitive. Biden himself claims ignorance on the matter, probably safest for him. Given Biden’s close relationship with Ukraine and China, including having made millions of dollars through ‘family’ businesses, one has to wonder if there wasn’t something more sinister at play here.

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