White House Secretly Worried About Russia’s Advances

(TotalConservative.com) – White House officials are internally expressing doubt about the potential for Ukraine to win the war against Russia, despite previous assertions by President Joe Biden that Russia “already lost” the conflict just under a year ago. Biden’s aides are expressing concern that Ukraine might lose after all, despite a recently approved $61 billion aid package from the U.S. which was approved in the House on April 20 and signed into law by Biden four days later.

Biden claimed Putin had “already lost the war” in comments given to the press in July 2023. He implied that Putin was stuck at the time, militarily. In recent weeks, Russia has gained more ground than ever before in the conflict, excluding its initial push. In the same speech, Biden suggested there was “no possibility” of a Russian victory.

Biden’s aides are discussing how to bring the conflict to a conclusion, unfortunately the situation was much better for Ukraine previously. Their performance on the battlefield is resulting in a loss of leverage. Russia is seeking guarantees that Ukraine not join NATO, and expects to retain territories taken like Crimea.

Newly established republics in the Donbas region, Donetsk and Lubanysk, would also have to be recognized as independent states, distinct from Ukraine. Kyiv has thus far been unwilling to consider giving up any territory and has maintained that Russia will continue to seek to conquer additional land in neighboring states when it’s done in Ukraine. Russia has repeatedly said they aren’t seeking a wider conflict.

Ukraine’s major problem is the lack of manpower; Russia’s army and population dominates Ukraine’s by comparison. Corporate press has suggested tens of thousands of Ukrainians are dead, and Kyiv reduced its conscription age from 27 to 25. Additionally they’re sending convicts into the meat grinder depending on their offenses.

Another major problem is the lack of pilots and operators who are trained on advanced equipment like F-16s or electronic warfare suites. The Russians have also adapted on the battlefield, coping well with the addition of drones and artillery given to Ukraine by western governments.

Ukrainian war advocates are hoping that the arrival of more equipment and weaponry this summer can shift the current momentum. Defense Department officials have stated they expect the recently approved aid to begin to arrive by July.

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