Democrats are alternatively mocking Donald Trump for claiming that President Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped in the run-up to the election and calling on the White House to offer some evidence. But although Trump has not identified why he believes his predecessor authorized the bug, senior administration officials aren’t backing away from the claim. On Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine” program, Kellyanne Conway said FBI Director James Comey should publicly reveal any information he has regarding the allegations.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Comey urged the Justice Department to reject the claim. The New York Times revealed that Comey was upset by Trump’s accusation, seeing as how it implies wrongdoing on the part of the FBI.

In response to that story, Conway said, “If Mr. Comey has something he’d like to say, I’m sure we’re all willing to hear it. All I saw was a published news report. I didn’t see a statement from him. I don’t know what Mr. Comey knows. If he knows, he can issue a statement. We know he’s not shy.”

Asked where President Trump came across the revelation that his phones were bugged, Conway simply said he may have received an intelligence briefing unavailable to other members of the White House staff.

Later on Sunday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said President Trump was asking congressional committees to “exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016.”

It wouldn’t surprise us in the least. If Obama’s Justice Department was willing to flagrantly ignore the law as it pertained to Hillary Clinton’s crimes, there’s no level to which they wouldn’t sink.

Of course, we still don’t know whether or not Trump was actually serious about the Friday tweet. The president is fond of conservative media, and he doesn’t mind throwing out bits of drama just for the sake of stirring up drama. For all we know, the reports that say he got this from Mark Levin and Breitbart are completely accurate. The media still treats Trump like a “regular” politician, chasing down every wild thing he says like it matters. Trump knows this, and he appears to enjoy watching the car crash.

On the other hand, he could be doing something else. He could be trying to flush out the facts. Perhaps he suspects the phones were tapped and he just wants to see what happens when he throws it out there. Will Obama respond? What’s the reaction over at Langley? What will Comey say? When you go fishing, sometimes you catch something you didn’t expect.

Of course, with the way the last year and a half of American politics has been, we’ll be talking about something completely different by the end of the week.