White House Turns Down Super Bowl Interview Request

(TotalConservative.com) – The Biden administration has declined a second request for an annual Super Bowl interview with President Joe Biden. CBS News confirmed the decision on Saturday, February 4th. Fox News had previously requested a sit-down with President Biden for last year’s Super Bowl, which was also declined.

The annual top tier contest for the best football team in the nation will take place on February 11th between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Former President Donald Trump had similarly declined a Super Bowl interview request from NBC News in 2018. It wasn’t immediately clear who pitched the interview to the White House, nor how long they’d been mulling over the request.

Last year, Fox suggested Shannon Bream or Bret Baier could interview Biden.

Super Bowl presidential interviews became a tradition in 2004 after President George W. Bush agreed to a sit down with CBS anchor Jim Nantz. Since then, presidents typically agreed to sit for a brief interview. Trump was the first to break with the tradition in 2018, and now Joe Biden has declined the interview a second time in a row.

In the past the interviews were generally light and comical discussions of the game, but over time they become more politically oriented.

The declination has been covered by corporate press in a way that previously suggested Biden had a legitimate reason to skip the interview with a hostile network like Fox News. Similarly, Trump declining to speak with NBC, which is very hostile to Trump in its coverage, made sense at the time.

CNN attempted to do damage control for the administration by suggesting the decision to skip the interview was to Americans’ benefit. They claim voters are fatigued by politics and wanted to give them a break.

The New York Times is giving Biden favorable coverage of the decision. In the last few sentences of the report, they quietly mention Biden has given “fewer media interviews” than all his predecessors. His next major public appearance is scheduled for the State of the Union address on March 7th.

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