It’s been wildly entertaining to watch Joe Biden and his supporters claim that we need an investigation into the claims Tara Reade is making against him, that the former vice president deserves due process, and that while we should “believe women,” we shouldn’t throw out our critical thinking skills just because…well, just because that’s what we were told to do only a few short years ago.

Indeed, Biden himself was at the forefront of overhauling campus sexual assault regulations so that men accused of wrongdoing have no access to anything even approaching due process. Biden, as champion for women in the days of the Obama administration, basically said that if you are accused of this kind of thing, you are as good as guilty.

So why in the world would we offer this man due process?

“On Friday’s Morning Joe, Biden laid out a simple process for judging him: Listen respectfully to Tara Reade, and then check for facts that prove or disprove her specific claim. The objective truth, Biden argued, is what matters. I agree with him,” wrote Andrew Sullivan this weekend.

“But this was emphatically not the standard Biden favored when judging men in college,” Sullivan noted. “If Biden were a student, under Biden rules, Reade could file a claim of assault, and Biden would have no right to know the specifics, the evidence provided, who was charging him, who was a witness, and no right to question the accuser. Apply the Biden standard for Biden, have woke college administrators decide the issue in private, and he’s toast.”

As Sullivan goes on to note, we don’t even need Tara Reade’s story to be true for Biden to face the consequences of his actions. The former vice president was at the front of the pack when it came to issuing Title IX guidance in 2014 in which “sexual violence” was defined as “a range of behaviors that are unwanted by the recipient and include remarks about physical appearance; persistent sexual advances that are undesired by the recipient; unwanted touching; and unwanted oral, anal, or vaginal penetration or attempted penetration.”

By that standard, Biden should have been finished the moment multiple women came out to say that his unwanted touching, smelling, and leering made them feel uncomfortable. That was sexual violence, according to Biden’s own belief system. And according to that same belief system, Biden’s “Oh, I didn’t know, I’ll do better” defense shouldn’t even be considered. The women said he was guilty, and that’s all we need to know.

We have our own thoughts and doubts about Reade’s claim, but what of them? No one on the left cared when we expressed skepticism about Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations, so why should we bother litigating Reade’s? We were told, quite explicitly, that we were to BELIEVE ALL WOMEN. Period.

If Biden wants us to abandon those standards in favor of a more reasonable one – one where we actually take things like facts and evidence into account – then he needs to apologize for his past statements. If he still believes that a man accused is a man guilty, then he needs to end his campaign for the presidency.

Absent either of those actions, we see no reason why he should be afforded the very due process that he has worked tirelessly to deny others.