According to reports from several prominent news agencies, the FBI has recovered at least some of the deleted emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server. Clinton and her staff went through the server prior to handing it over to the State Department, erasing any emails deemed personal. According to an individual near the investigation, though, the emails have been retrieved.

The first question on everyone’s mind is how many of those retrieved emails were work-related. The second is whether or not her personal emails will be released to the public. And in either one of these cases, it’s easy to see how badly this could rock the already-damaged Clinton campaign. If she’s found to have deleted work emails she didn’t want to turn over, it’s game over, especially if the reason she deleted them is immediately obvious.

But if those personal emails are published, it could be a lot worse. Can you imagine what might lurk in that server? Ignore the fact that it’s Hillary Clinton; there’s a good chance that four years’ worth of personal emails would hurt just about any politician in the country. You can be sure that Clinton is going to do everything she can to make sure that doesn’t happen, but hey, things have a way of leaking.

In milliseconds, how long do you think it took FBI investigators to do a search for the keyword “Monica”? Although, to be realistic, Hillary probably has her own ways of referring to her.

In a best-case-scenario for Clinton, the server really is just filled with yoga tips and forwarded mom jokes. In a worst-case scenario, she spent four long years bitching about the president to her friends. Worst-case scenario for the American public? Hundreds of pictures showing us what’s under the pantsuit.

Sorry, you weren’t eating were you?

Not only does this story get worse for Hillary every week, it constantly reminds the voters that the Democratic Presidential frontrunner is under FBI investigation. Oh, but she’s not suspected of any wrongdoing, mind you. This is all very common and standard. If that’s true, you can’t help but wonder how much money and time the FBI spends investigating cases where no crimes were committed. Maybe there’s room for a budget cut.

The Clinton campaign people have gotten so good at spinning this story that you have to hope they’ll keep it up even after she’s arrested. Today, Mrs. Clinton volunteered to spend 18 months in prison to prove that she stands with wrongly incarcerated females everywhere! Vote Hillary 2020!

The scary part is that she would probably still do okay…