Willis Under Fire for Strange Response to Affair Allegation

(TotalConservative.com) – In her first public address since allegations of hiring a special prosecutor with whom she was having an affair, the Fulton County District Attorney appeared to address the allegations for the first time.

Willis, who is in charge of the Georgia lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and multiple co-defendants, was hit with a lawsuit herself by one of those co-defendants. Michael Roman, a former Trump staffer, claims that the district attorney hired Nathan Wade as the special prosecutor for the case against himself, Trump, and others for alleged election interference in Georgia, a man Roman claims that Willis was “engaged in a personal, romantic relationship” with that she benefitted from. He accused her of defrauding the public “of honest services” and seeks to have the charges against him dismissed.

Willis addressed a church in Atlanta for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and although she did not explicitly mention the allegations against her, she clearly made a reference to the situation when she told the congregation that she hoped their week wouldn’t look like what she’s “been through” recently.

Roman’s case still has not presented solid evidence supporting the allegations, and yet Willis seemed to subtly admit her guilt by stating that she is “flawed and imperfect” during her emotional speech. She claims to have experienced death threats and feelings of “loneliness” since heading the case against the former president.

The lawsuit against Willis accuses her of improperly appointing Wade as special prosecutor while having a “clandestine personal relationship” with him as the case was pending, including going on expensive vacations with the prosecutor paid for with funds allocated to him for the case. Willis defended Wade and claimed he is only being targeted because he’s black while noting she’s also hired “one white woman” and “one white man,” both of whom she said are great lawyers and friends. She also said they all received the same hourly rate.

Roman’s lawyers claim the case isn’t about the color of Wade’s skin but his lack of experience as well as nepotism, and stated they will be happy to prove Roman’s allegations in court.

After Roman filed his case, the district attorney was also subpoenaed for deposition in relation to Wade’s divorce case, which was filed shortly after she hired him, leading to more suspicions of an affair.

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