Wisconsin Court Rules Schools May Not Socially Transition Children

(TotalConservative.com) – An important victory played out in Wisconsin this month for parents who oppose teaching gender ideology and the lack of transparency from schools about their children.

Judge Michael Maxwell of the Wisconsin Circuit Court of Waukesha County ruled in favor of parents who sued the Kettle Moraine School District for concealing the social transition of their daughter. The judge ruled that determining “the appropriate medical healthcare” for a child is a constitutional right for each parent and that the school policy of concealing the social transition of a child violates this right.

Social transition refers to policies in which school staff are to refer to a student by a new name or preferred pronouns while a student is in school and to conceal this information from their parents if it’s suspected they won’t be okay with it. The Kettle Moraine School District should no longer require or permit staff members “to refer to students” by “a name or pronouns” that don’t match their biological gender without the consent of a parent.

The lawsuit was brought by Tammy Fournier in November 2021. Fournier is a mother who teamed up with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) and the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to sue the school district after her daughter’s school tried to socially transition the child without Fournier’s permission.

According to Fournier, her daughter suffered severe depression and anxiety that contributed to confusion about her gender. Fournier said she and her husband did their “own research” to figure out the best solution for their daughter and decided against the “affirmative care model.” They informed the district of this, but the district told them they advocate for “the child and not… the parent,” and Fournier’s daughter would determine what “pronouns and name she chooses” to use in school. Fournier removed her daughter immediately.

Fournier and her husband won the case, which is a victory for all parents who are currently opposing gender ideology in schools across the country.

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