In a statement this week, the California Faculty Association released a list of demands that must be met in the wake of George Floyd’s Minneapolis death. As part of their demands, they say that the California State University system should immediately provide “free tuition for all Black, Native, and Indigenous students.”

We’re probably wrong, but we thought “native” and “indigenous” were synonyms? Maybe this is some sort of wordplay to ensure that illegal immigrants get thrust into the mix as well.

From Campus Reform:

To increase admission of these “marginalized students,” the CFA proposes that the universities make efforts “to overturn Proposition 209, the ban on affirmative action.”

According to the CFA, “racial pay equity” is necessary because “workload is also higher for Black faculty given that CSU faculty are majority-white, and CSU students are majority of color resulting in ‘cultural taxation.’”

The CFA claimed that the research and studies conducted by Black faculty are “often not valued at the same level as other faculty.”

To “condemn white supremacy,” the CFA proposed that hiring and retention practices be reformed to mandate that “there be Black faculty available to serve as reviewers for Black faculty candidates.” The introduction of “targeted hiring programs” is necessary “to promote and develop the scholarship and creative activity of Black faculty,” the CFA insisted.

We would ordinarily expect that a list of such ridiculous demands based on such ridiculous premises – Black faculty have to work harder? – would be summarily dismissed by the adults in the room…but we know better these days. Especially in California. We’re sure that administrators in the CFA system will be all too happy to wrap themselves in kente cloths and do all they can to meet these demands. The sense of it, or lack thereof, makes no difference at all. This is a group calling for “anti-racist” measures, and that’s all you need to do to be taken seriously in the year 2020.

Need we mention that this group is also calling for “the full abolition of police”?

Our advice for groups like this? Spend less time worrying about the defunding of police and start concentrating on the defunding of mental institutions. It may be your only chance to avoid being committed.