Woman Claims Self Defense after Shooting Husband

(TotalConservative.com) – A woman from Provo, Utah, was arrested under suspicion of murder after she reported that she shot and killed her husband in self-defense on Saturday, January 6th. Police reported receiving a call from Melissa John-Fausett, 56, at 7:42 p.m. wherein she said she had shot her 55-year-old husband in self-defense.

Officers discovered the man’s body at the residence lying in a pool of blood in the hall near their bedroom. He’s been identified as Corry Fausett.

John-Fausett reported that she was lying in bed as her husband entered the room and began to physically assault her. She claimed he had attempted to strangle her and hit her in the face and made verbal threats that he was going to end her life, according to investigators.

John-Fausett said she grabbed her gun which was in the bed with her and began firing off shots, hitting her husband multiple times. She claimed she shot him until he collapsed, saying that she feared he was attempting to retrieve a gun.

The weapon the suspect turned over to police did not have blood spatter on it. Police located a second weapon concealed in a purse which did have blood spatter. John-Fausett claimed that the gun had been last used when she was hunting rabbits, but forensic testing suggested the blood was human.

The husband was hit several times on the right side of his body, as well as twice on his face and once on the back of the head. Police said that there were burn marks on one of the wounds suggesting close-range.

Police also found that the floor beneath the husband’s body was damaged, which suggested a shot was fired after he collapsed from above. Considering he was on the ground at the time, he did not pose an immediate threat.

Police said that paramedics failed to locate any wounds on John-Fausett, including around her neck and head where she had claimed to have been struck.

The evidence suggested that she was lying about the circumstances regarding the shooting of her husband which led them to arrest her.

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