Woman Marries Herself After Swearing Off Men

(TotalConservative.com) – At 77 years old Dorothy Fideli of Ohio is perhaps blazing a new trail in relationships as she’s set to march down the aisle to be married again, this time to herself. Yes, as friends and family gathered around to take part in the ceremony at O’Bannon Terrace Retirement Home they watched as Dorothy dressed in a white wedding dress, holding a bouquet made her way to the alter to meet no-one. This is not Fideli’s first foray into wedded bliss, the mother of three and grandmother was married in 1965 in a small quickie ceremony for a marriage that lasted nine years. After her divorce Dorothy swore off men and has been single ever since. She said one day while sitting in church it just occurred to her to do something special for herself and she decided to marry herself because as she puts it she’s “done everything else.”

Dorothy said after she came up with this idea she asked the retirement home’s manager Rob Geiger to marry her to herself. Geiger said he was initially confused and unsure how to react but with time he determined he’d do it. He decided Dorothy was worthy of a ceremony for her compassion toward others, calling her an ‘incredible woman.’ Dorothy’s daughter was happy for her soon to be re-wedded mother and saw to the decorations and catering. Dorothy said she had pre-wedding jitters, nervousness and excitement for a marriage ceremony grander than her last.

Perhaps Dorothy is on to something as more marriages than ever are ending in divorce. Just about half will not go the distance with most lasting less than eight years. Many people are choosing not to get married at all as they see the statistics and look at the expense and emotional drain of divorce. This is Dorothy’s second marriage which statically is more likely to fail as second marriages end in divorce 67% of the time while thirds end 73% of the time. Hopefully Dorothy stays with herself and swings that statistic back some toward the positive.

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