In the 2016 campaign, Trump scored all over the map when it came to many of the most important political issues. But when it came to the ones that mattered most to voters: Immigration, terrorism, and the economy, he inspired confidence in Americans in a way that his opponent most certainly did not. Trump has made enormous strides on the first two issues, bringing ISIS to the brink of defeat and doing more to slow immigration than any of his presidential predecessors. But it is on the economy that this president has really shined, and the news keeps getting better. Russian investigation or no Russian investigation, if the economy keeps roaring back to life like this, Trump has nothing to fear in 2020.

According to the Labor Department’s latest figures, U.S. job growth continued to surge in the first month of 2018. Employment rose by 200,000 jobs, building on an addition of 160,000 jobs the month before. Meanwhile, average hourly wages crept up another 0.3 percent to $26.74, taking the total wage increase to 2.9% since Trump took office. People are making more money, ensconced in more gainful employment than they were at any point in the Obama tenure. As a matter of fact, January’s gains gave Trump the biggest annual growth in employment in more than 8 years.

If there was any sour note to be struck on the economy, it was that American were working fewer weekly hours in January: 34.3 a week, the shortest in four months. This is an issue that could have been resolved with the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, but that ship has apparently sailed.

What is lost can be gained, though, and there is every reason to suspect that the tax reform plan that Trump signed into law last year will supercharge this economy to a degree that we haven’t seen since the 1990s. The corporate tax rate has been slashed, and workers all over the country are already feeling the effects of the relief. That will only multiply as companies begin to bring their headquarters back to the United States, having been shown that this country is once again a friendly place to do business. Trump didn’t have to prey on the patriotism of these companies; he simply had to make a few changes. Give these companies a chance to succeed, and they will. That’s the American dream, that’s the American way.

This is what happens when you put someone with private sector success in charge. Let us not forget it.