George W. Bush has been decidedly silent since leaving office in 2009. But the 43rd president broke that silence on Saturday night, appearing before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas.

In the hour-long Q&A session, Bush addressed his brother, Jeb, conceding that his last name would be a liability. “He essentially said people don’t want dynasties in America,” one attendee told the New York Times.

He also answered questions about Hillary Clinton, saying she would face difficult choices on Obama. As a Democrat and a member of his administration, Bush said, Hillary was going to have a tough time distancing herself from Obama’s policies.

But it was on the subject of Obama himself that Bush reserved his strongest language. “You gotta mean it,” he said in regards to the Middle East. It was important, Bush said, for enemies and allies alike to know exactly where America stood. And when a president used threats of force, he had to be willing to follow through.

Bush referred to ISIS as “Al Qaeda’s second act,” expressed skepticism about lifting sanctions against Iran, and said that the Iraq withdrawal had been a mistake.

“You think the Middle East is chaotic now?” Bush asked. “Imagine what it looks like for our grandchildren. That’s how Americans should view the deal [with Iran].”

In 2008, many voters found it impossible to imagine that President Obama would be worse on foreign policy than his predecessor. And while many of his supporters will deny it to this day, any thorough examination of the facts reveals the truth. Bush was not a perfect president, but Obama – in his attempt to be the Anti-Bush – has been a disaster when it comes to the Middle East. What’s frightening is that we don’t yet know the extent of the damage. The full ramifications of this Iranian deal may not be clear for another decade.

With more than a year and a half left in his presidency, Obama still has time to make things worse. And by putting his final stamp of approval on an Iranian deal this summer, he will do just that. He has said that the deal is the only alternative to war, but he may find out instead that the deal is a path to war. Should Israel strike as they have vowed, the U.S. is going to be in a very precarious position. And Israel is not the only country in the region concerned about a nuclear Iran. We could be looking at a period of unprecedented instability in a region already plagued by chaos.

You gotta mean it. That really says it all when it comes to Obama’s pathetic foreign policy. Obama is the parent who grounds their child on Friday night before relenting on Saturday. He has weakened the resolve of the nation and he has allowed evil to once again gain a foothold in the desert. He is the Anti-Bush, all right. But that’s not the compliment he thinks it is.