You Won’t Believe How Many States Want to See Us Censored

( – A group of 23 states has filed an amicus brief to whine to the Supreme Court that the federal government’s ability to censor speech online is a necessary and vital violation of the First Amendment. They actually argue there’s no violation at all!

Missouri v. Biden has exposed a complex apparatus of government agencies conspiring to abrogate the free speech rights of millions of Americans and it’s heading to the U.S. Supreme Court this year. In an incredible indictment of the highest law of the land, the 23 attorneys general practically beg the SCOTUS to reverse a circuit court ruling halting federal agents flagging content on social media for removal.

They deny that such overt censorship is unconstitutional, and highlight how leftists within the government regularly pretend that their obvious overreaches of authority are legitimate. The brief cites “potential harms” claiming that its work is vital to “protect minors” online.

The brief further argues that “mutually beneficial communications” occurring between federal officials and social media companies to censor information is perfectly in line with the First Amendment, despite the obvious contradiction. The argument includes claims that the government agents never compelled or coerced the companies to take action, despite mountains of evidence suggesting that’s an easily disproved lie.

The amicus brief asked the high court to reverse the Fifth Circuit injunction blocking continued collaboration between public officials and private companies to push a political agenda. The practice of government authorities hijacking private companies for political purposes has been called fascism previously, by the way.

The states included in the brief are California, the District of Columbia, Arizona, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Maine, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Nevada, Minnesota, and Rhode Island. Additional states who approved the brief included New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Vermont, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Mexico, and Washington state.

It’s truly incredible that nearly half the authorities in states around the nation are attempting to enshrine overt violations of the First Amendment into the law when the text could not be clearer.

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