Young Girl Assaulted In Bathroom After Trans Bathroom Policy Started

( – A 12-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a boy who identified as a girl at ASK Academy, a private middle school in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, while both parties were using the girls’ bathroom. The woke school embraces radical gender ideology and allows students to use the bathroom or locker room that aligns with their preferences.

The Post Millenial in combination with the Independent Women’s Forum did a deep dive exclusive investigative report and laid out how the school’s gender policy and daily indoctrination of students ultimately led to the assault.

“Maggie,” a pseudonym for the girl’s mother, found reference to her daughter’s assault in the girl’s diary. “Ray,” not her real name, described in detail how she was shoved to the floor, had her pants ripped off and was penetrated by an older boy with long hair. After the attack, Maggie noticed a dramatic shift in her daughter’s behavior. Depression and anxiety became regular occurrences.

She was so concerned she got Ray into therapy. She believed it was bullying at school that caused the problem until she read Ray’s diary entry. Ray was physically examined and her family filed a police report while also beginning to pursue civil legal action against ASK Academy for facilitating the attack. Over a year later, there are still no criminal charges against the male suspect. He also stands accused of holding another student at gunpoint, harassing, threatening, and cheating off others in separate incidents.

Maggie believes the attack only could have occurred due to the school’s decision to promote radical gender ideology.. Ray further elaborated that she failed to discuss the attack for fear of being labeled transphobic or “judging” transgendered people.

The now 13-year-old girl will no longer be cowed by gender ideology or trans activists. She calls activists and allies “selfish” for neglecting to consider the impact of gender ideology on young women. She suggested they could have their own restrooms and sports team while implying it is dangerous to include boys in women’s spaces.

The criminal investigation is ongoing, and civil action against ASK Academy is also in the works, according to the family. Ray is now homeschooled, as Nevada recently passed gender ideology madness for its public schools without considering cases like hers.

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