Youtube Parenting Influencer Charged With 6 Counts of Child Abuse

( – A YouTuber who gave parenting advice is facing allegations of child abuse for serious crimes like malnourishment and torture. Ruby Franke of the defunct “8 Passengers” YouTube channel was arrested and charged with numerous crimes stemming from the malnourished and abused appearance of her children, one of whom escaped the home where they were living and asked a neighbor for help.

Franke was living with Jodi Hildebrandt in Irvins, Utah. Hildebrandt owns a consulting business called ConneXions Classroom where she counsels clients and encourages responsibility, honesty, and meekness. They’ve recently appeared together in videos promoting the business.

Franke’s 12-year-old boy escaped through a window in Hildebrandt’s home and sought help from a neighbor, seeking food and water per an affidavit filed by a Santa Clara-Irvins police officer. The neighbor reported seeing duct tape around the boy’s ankles and wrists and called the police. He was later taken to the hospital and treated for multiple injuries around his extremities from being tied up. He was also emaciated and malnourished leading authorities to secure a warrant for Hildebrant’s residence.

They found Franke’s 10-year-old girl suffering from malnourishment and she was taken to the hospital as well. Two other children of Franke’s were in the custody of child protective services. Both women were placed under arrest.

Cops and child welfare workers have visited the Franke home several times in the past.

Police cited a YouTube video where both women were seen filming in the home just days before their arrest as evidence they were both knowledgeable of the state of the children. They’re being charged with felony child abuse charges, according to the police.

Ruby Franke was denied bail by a judge due to the “severity of the injuries” they found on the younger children. Court records also indicated that Hildebrandt was similarly denied bail.

Attempts to view Franke’s old channel “8 Passengers” yield a 404 not found error, the cached description discusses their six “active” children and the need to “love and support one another.”

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