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The proud American team here at Total Conservative is thrilled you’ve joined us. Our team works day and night to bring you the latest news, both national and international. If there’s a story or event that runs the risk of impacting your values or way of life, you’ll hear about it here.

The Total Conservative Mission

Total Conservative has a clear mission. Everyone on our staff believes in freedom of the press and our rights to free speech as established by the first amendment. Journalistic integrity rests at the core of what we do, day in and day out.

We aren’t biased and we don’t blindly take sides. We believe our readers deserve to know exactly what’s happening in the world around them, even if that means we have to shine a spotlight on uncomfortable stories.

Protecting Journalistic Integrity

Quite a number of mainstream media outlets are incapable of remaining unbiased. Their own political affiliations are pretty clear and their reporting reflects staunch bias. While we are a publication designed for conservatives, we believe our readers deserve to know both sides of every story, good or bad. Facts are facts, and the truth should never be spun to serve anyone’s agenda.

We’re tired of censorship. We’re tired of those with the deepest pockets having the biggest platforms and the loudest voices. Our team digs deep daily to bring you exactly what you need to protect your rights, your families, and your futures.

About the Total Conservative Team

Everyone on the Total Conservative team has a similar mindset, yet at the same time no one here is afraid to challenge the status quo. Our writers, editors, and designers are patriots. They take pride in their work and can’t be distracted from their ultimate goal – reporting the truth.

It’s not an easy job. The entire team is inspired daily by the stories and comments we receive from our readers. The stories of your struggles, your comments about our work, and your support give us the drive we need to keep going in a world full of opposition.

What We Publish

The Total Conservative crew works day and night to bring you the latest and greatest. Everyone approaches each new day with their eyes wide open, carefully sifting through the barrage of noise to find the stories that are most important for you to see.

US News

Our US News editors spend the majority of their time on what’s happening here at home, on the American homefront. We have our eyes on the politicians in Washington at all times. We’re also looking for trends throughout the entire country – specifically when it comes to crime, finances, and anything else that could have a trickle-down effect on your lives.

World News

Our World News team focuses primarily on the rest of the world. The global economy, our allies and enemies, and geopolitical shifts are all on our radar. Will a major move in another country inspire US leaders to take action here at home? Should we be worried about foreign conflicts impacting the American way of life? You’ll find it all here.

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