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We’re so glad you’ve joined us here at Total Conservative. The loyalty and support of like-minded Americans is what inspires us to get up each day and keep digging for the truth. We know you rely on us, and we don’t take that trust for granted.

The Total Conservative Mission

The Total Conservative story is simple. A small group of us were commiserating over how difficult it is to find a trustworthy news source that understood our values but could still tell a story without some sort of biased spin. We decided to solve that problem by creating our own publication.

Politicians, lobbyists, and up and coming candidates all have agendas. We believe you deserve to know what those agendas are. You have the right to know what fluff is being added to proposed legislation and how your tax dollars are going to be spent. You deserve to know all of this and more, and it’s only fair you hear it from people who do not have a financial or career-based stake in the outcome.

The Total Conservative Team

Everyone here at Total Conservative brings a unique perspective to the table. We have seasoned writers and journalists, dedicated and talented editors, and a top-notch design team. We work collaboratively to curate the strongest stories possible, digging deep to fill in the blanks and ensure you see the full picture.

We believe in journalist integrity and will not be swayed – by anyone. We fact-check, quote, and source each and every story we curate for our readers. We’re proud of the end result and hope you find value in each and every one of our pages.

Total Conservative has a staff made up of people from all walks of life. Some have been journalists for decades. Others have political backgrounds or have served in the military. No matter what their background, we know they have the knowledge and experience to protect your rights, respect your values, and bring you the news you deserve.

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