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We’d be nothing without our readers and it is important for you to know we don’t take you for granted. Everything we do here at Total Conservative is done with you in mind. We work hard, dig deep, and muck through endless news stories to pan for the best — all so you don’t have to.

We believe every American deserves a clear, unbiased view of the world around them. This means bringing you laser sharp news stories about your local and federal governments, changing trends in the economy, crime, and anything else you need to know to protect your families and live a quality life.

About Our Team

The Total Conservative team is a strong one. It takes a sharp mind and determined attitude to peel away pages of opinion and then piece the real facts back together again. While we all have our own individual hopes and dreams, we work hard to make sure our personal opinions on what we think should or should not happen do not impact our work. You’ll see just that in the way we present our US News and World News stories each day.

Total Conservative’s Content

The team researching and writing the content you see each day is made up of proud Americans from all over the country. Each has a unique background and story to tell. Many have been truth seekers for ages, focused on journalistic research from day one. Others come to us with strong political backgrounds, or after ending careers as teachers, lawyers, and business owners. The one thing we all have in common? The desire to preserve our core values and protect our American way of life.

The Editorial Mission

We take a no-nonsense approach to our editorial process. You will not find an opinion column or any sort of editorial commentary here. Our editors spend hours fact-checking our content, deep-diving into each story, and even adding updates where needed. We don’t tolerate anything less than the best from our journalists and our editors work closely with each of our writers to ensure the stories you receive from us are true and complete reflections of each situation.

Contacting Total Conservative

Questions? Comments? Concerns? We want to hear it all. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time with your own opinions on what’s happening in the world or what you’ve read here on our pages. Despite our best efforts, we’re human and sometimes do make mistakes – and we’ll always take corrective action.

Our staff loves reading your notes. Reply to an email at any time to let us know what you’re thinking. We look forward to your dialogue.

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