Biden Lifts Ban To Deploy US Military Contractors To Ukraine

( – In an effort to speed up repairs on American weapons systems currently being used in Ukraine during the ongoing war with Russia, President Joe Biden reportedly plans on deploying a group of contractors to assist.

On Tuesday, June 25, four US officials close to the matter told reporters at CNN that the Biden administration will move forward with lifting a ban on deploying American contractors to Ukraine in order to assist with repairs and maintenance of weapons systems provided by the US. Lifting the contractor ban will mark another major shift in the administration’s policy toward the Ukraine/Russia war as the US government tries to find more ways to give Ukraine an advantage in the ongoing conflict.

Although the policy is set to move forward, administration officials are still waiting for Biden to give the final sign-off. One official told the reporters that no decisions have been made yet, and that discussion was still “premature,” while adding that Biden is firmly against sending American troops into Ukraine. Doing so would violate a red line drawn by Russian President Vladimir Putin and could escalate the conflict to what some commentators believe could result in another world war.

Despite not sending US troops on the ground, the Biden administration continued pushing that line in every other way possible, from gigantic aid packages to the latest talks of deploying American contractors. That deployment would directly involve US personnel on the ground, though, and will likely result in a response from Putin if carried out.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in Feb. 2022, the resulting war created rifts within the halls of Congress amongst American lawmakers about how involved the US should be. In Nov. 2023, a civic group in Ukraine confirmed that almost 30,000 soldiers have perished since the invasion, although the exact numbers remain unknown.

Two years into the war, the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission published a report that estimated over 30,000 civilian casualties in Ukraine, about 20,000 of whom were injured and over 10,000 killed.

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