Ex CIA Official Sounds Alarm On Border

(TotalConservative.com) – Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell penned a new op-ed published on June 10 discussing the potential for a terror attack as a consequence of having thousands of unidentified illegals coming into the country over the southern border.

Morrell called Biden’s recent executive order to reduce the number of asylum seekers who can enter the country illegally an important first step, but suggested that the problem is far too advanced and complex to stop there.

Morrell elaborated that our Customs and Border Protection services reported roughly 200,000 encounters with illegal aliens every month this year. He also explained that those are the ones we know about and have accounted for, suggesting thousands are getting in undetected per week and we have no idea what they’re capable of. He said Biden should use national emergency powers to expand the crack down and defend the border from potential foreign insurgents coming into the country to do harm in response to America’s foreign policy.

Morrell reminded readers that FBI Director Christopher Wray has appeared no less than eight times to field questions from Congress and said that the country is currently at a heightened threat level for all types of terrorism, whether it’s foreign militias, foreign governments, or radical Americans on both sides of the political spectrum.

Morrell additionally said that there were 2.5 million encounters with criminal aliens crossing into the country in 2023 pointing out that it’s very likely an individual or group intent on mass casualties or terror attacks could have gotten in already. Indeed, just recently 8 ISIS-affiliated illegals were busted after being admitted into the country by Biden’s Border Patrol which apparently failed to adequately screen them.

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) commander Erik Kurilla has been warning about ISIS-K, an ISIS splinter group based in Pakistan and Afghanistan which has sprung up in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from the region. Two particularly nasty attacks were executed by the group, one in Iran which killed 95 people using suicide bombers, and another attack in Moscow during a concert where 145 people were killed with hundreds more injured.

Morrell suggested that a similar attack is not only possible, it’s probable in the coming months if something more isn’t done immediately.

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