Korean DMZ Rocked By Live Fire Exchange

(TotalConservative.com) North and South Korea are at it again; this time an exchange of live fire followed an “accidental” border crossing of Northern troops into the demilitarized zone between the two nations on Sunday, June 9. South Korean Joint Chief of Staff spokesman, Col. Lee Sung-jun told the press that the troops “immediately” moved back to their side of the border after warning shots were fired.

Sung-jun downplayed the interaction, despite the use of live ammunition and suggested there was no further indication of Northern troops moving toward the border or other evidence that suggested an imminent invasion. He also suggested that the military is carefully monitoring the border and troop movements and taking all necessary precautions.

The situation follows months of heightened threats and antagonism between the two states. The deterioration followed after President Joe Biden won the 2020 election with former President Donald Trump famously crossing into the DMZ himself to meet with North Korean leaders. North Korea has been performing internationally outlawed ballistic missile tests and launching spy satellites while increasing its violent rhetoric.

Most recently the North sent South Korea garbage balloons as a harassment tactic. South Korea reported over a thousand large balloons transporting trash and human excrement floating southward. The North promised thousands more.

South Korean authorities are highlighting the balloons as potential threats to residential areas, and transportation hubs. HAZMAT teams have also been deployed when raw sewage was detected in some of the balloons.

South Korea retaliated by resuming loudspeaker broadcasts across the DMZ which North Korean soldiers can hear, informing them of the freedoms they enjoy in the South. The tactic hasn’t been used since 2018 and could indicate escalation in the conflicts over the coming months.

South Korea suggested the North is responsible for the escalation while Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jon Un’s sister, said that the loudspeaker programs would invite further escalation. The North reportedly stopped sending trash balloons hours after the broadcasts resumed, suggesting the tactic is effective.

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