LGBT Activists Vandalize Pro-Life HQ

( – Radical European pro-abortion activists vandalized an Italian organization’s headquarters multiple times over the past few years with the most recent addition indicating the suspects intend to threaten and intimidate them more in the future. The May 30 attack left messages scrawled in spray paint and damaged security cameras. Posters were also left up at the site featuring a Palestinian flag over St. Peter’s Basilica, which is shown on fire.

“You will pay” and “trans riot” are just a few of the slogans they painted on the shutters outside the building and along exterior walls.

A post on X by Pro Vita e Familiga (PVF, the organization) claimed that the attack was the twelfth such incident in three years and the second in ten days. They suggested the attacks were escalating with violent threats becoming more commonplace.

PVF spokesman Jacopo Coghe said last year on November 25 the building was attacked by vandals who destroyed windows, set fires, and left an improvised explosive device which, thankfully, did not detonate. Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni denounced the incident, suggesting that violence was never appropriate and intimidation is not a proper political tactic. Deputy PM Matteo Salvini echoed her sentiments.

PVF believes life begins at conception and everyone has the right to a full and natural life as well as the traditional definition of marriage being exclusively between one man and one woman. They also support free educational choice by parents and parents’ rights.

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