Report Claims N Korea Will Send Troops To Russia

( – A new report claims North Korea will send troops to Russia as fears about World War III grow.

According to the report, North Korea will send a “large number” of engineering and construction troops to the Russian-occupied cities in the Donetsk region of Ukraine in July. The engineering brigades, which will help rebuild cities, will be sent in exchange for an annual payment of $115 million from Russia. The troops will be moved into the Russian-held region of Ukraine from China. South Korea’s foreign ministry said it was monitoring the situation.

The report follows the June 18 visit between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, when the two leaders signed a new deal that has a “provision of mutual assistance” in case either country is attacked. The new strategic partnership replaced the deals signed in 1961, 2000, and 2001 between the two countries.

Pak Jong Chon, one of North Korea’s top military officials, claimed Russia has the “right to opt for any kind of retaliatory strike” if Washington, D.C., keeps pushing Ukraine into a “proxy war” against Russia. His comments followed reports that Ukraine would use U.S.-supplied weapons against Russian forces anywhere across the border.

Just before the visit, South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik claimed that in June, North Korea shipped Russia 10,000 containers carrying as many as 4.8 million artillery shells. North Korea had previously sent 7,000 containers of ammunition, supplying Russia with 1.6 million artillery shells, according to a March statement from Won-sik. A March statement from U.S. officials notes that, since September, over 10 North Korea-made missiles have been launched at Ukraine.

The news comes as President Joe Biden announced he would approve sending American PMC troops to Ukraine “to help repair USW-made damaged equipment.” The U.S. also announced it would send an aircraft carrier to South Korea, which North Korea’s vice minister of defense, Kim Kang Il, said was a “very dangerous” show of force.

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