Russian Warship Severely Damaged By Saboteur

( – A Russian saboteur was blamed for a major fire on the Russian warship Sepukhov last April which resulted in the serious damage to the vessel. The saboteur was a Russian dissident according to an announcement by Ukrainian authorities on July 3.

Ukrainian authorities with the country’s intelligence agency said that his callsign was “Hoga” during a press conference. The Serpukhov required major repairs in order to be returned to operational capacity. Previous announcements by the same agency informed the public about the fire, but hadn’t mentioned the saboteur.

The agency told the public that the ship’s automation and communications equipment was damaged in the blaze. There’s been no comment on the claims by Russian authorities.

Ukraine’s “Freedom of Russia” organization is a group of Russian dissidents fighting for the Ukrainian cause. The organization said that the fire was caused by a member of their organization working behind enemy lines.

“Hoga” allegedly contacted the organization through an anonymous telephone number that they’ve arranged to help Russians surrender and escape. They’ve claimed that 220 people have surrendered using the service since the start of the war in February 2022. Hoga decided to stay behind enemy lines to act as a covert agent for Ukraine instead of fleeing, according to the narrative. Independent media hasn’t been able to confirm any of these claims, however.

The Serpukhov is an advanced missile launching vessel and damage done to it likely aided the Ukrainian war effort by temporarily taking that piece off the board. The ship has long-ranged capability and is armed with cruise missiles and has operated in the Black Sea before being transferred to the Baltic region in 2016.

Missiles rained down on Ukraine from Russian weapons like the Serpukhov on July 7, even the capital of Kyiv was hit during the daytime attack. Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy suggested there will be retaliation after the strikes which hit multiple Ukrainian positions. He’s also been demanding additional support from allies despite the hundreds of billions in cash, equipment, public relations and intelligence support they’ve already received.

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