UN Backs Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Plan

(TotalConservative.com) – The United Nations Security Council has approved a resolution which lays out a three step plan for a ceasefire and reconstruction in war-torn Gaza. The process would also see the return of hostages and the remains of hostages who died while being held by Hamas in exchange for Palestinian prisoners being held in Israel. The resolution claimed Israel supports the plan, despite some reservations by war hawks within the government.

The resolution urges Hamas to accept the terms and was passed by 14 of 15 member states with Russia abstaining over concerns about Israeli compliance and specificity of the language.

U.S. President Joe Biden announced the deal during a May 31 television broadcast and called it an Israeli proposal at the time. The exact proposal hasn’t been released yet and it is reportedly longer than the brief summary Biden discussed during his announcement. The details of the deal are still unknown.

What is known is that Israel’s war cabinet approved the measure. Many Israeli right-wingers are denouncing the deal, preferring instead to continue the war until Hamas is completely destroyed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not publicly stated whether or not he supports the plan as yet.

The U.N. resolution came after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken toured the Middle East, meeting with regional heads of state and officials involved in the negotiations. Blinken reportedly encouraged proponents of a ceasefire to urge Hamas to agree.

Hamas has been seeking a permanent end to armed hostilities, the exchange of prisoners for hostages, and full Israeli withdrawal out of Gaza. Hamas rejected the offer on June 11 highlighting key demands that are still being unmet by the plan.

Israel has been engaged in a campaign to eradicate Hamas, a militia and de facto government of Gaza after it led a series of attacks against Israeli checkpoints and outposts near the border on October 7 last year. It’s been estimated 1,200 civilians were killed in those attacks with ~250 hostages taken.

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