Netanyahu Complains After U.S. Cuts Arms Supply

( – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is claiming the U.S. has been hesitant to send them more weapons, calling shipments “sporadic” and incomplete. Netanyahu suggested all arms shipments have been delayed and the problem began properly roughly four months ago. U.S. authorities have implied Netanyahu was exaggerating or outright lying.

In May, the Biden administration decided to pause the shipment of specific heavy ordnance over concerns the Israelis would use them in an offensive campaign in and around the southern Gazan city of Rafah where they allege the last remaining holdouts of Hamas and hostages taken on October 7 are hiding.

The international community has largely condemned the Israeli response which has caused over 30,000 deaths in the territory, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. It’s unclear how many of those are fighting men versus civilians, however.

Netanyahu is now saying that the U.S. is withholding additional weapons shipments. The two countries have been sparring over Israel’s war in Gaza in response to the Oct 7 attacks. Israel wants to push hard and end the conflict as fast as possible while international observers and U.S. authorities are concerned about the collateral damage. Multiple attempts to arrange a cease-fire and resolution to the conflict have failed.

Netanyahu said he felt compelled to bring the complaints to the public and media after private discussions haven’t resulted in a change in the weapons shipments. Netanyahu complained of “long weeks” where they went back and forth privately while receiving numerous excuses and justifications, but that the shipments haven’t returned to normal.

Biden himself has come under fire from his own party who largely supports the Palestinian cause for statehood and condemns the aggression and civilian death toll. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told members of the press that they aren’t sure what Netanyahu is talking about when asked about his recent complaints.

Netanyahu replied that there’s been a “dramatic drop” over the previous four months along with private pleas for more weapons in response to the White House’s claims. The situation led him to frustration which is why he made his complaints public.

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