U.S. Reveals ‘Hellscape’ Plan Against China

(TotalConservative.com) – A top U.S. military commander is giving the public, and by proxy the Chinese, a warning about how they will respond to any aggressive move by the communist country to take Taiwan: a hellscape of armed drones. Navy Adm. Samuel Paparo gave comments to the corporate press suggesting classified technology and unrevealed capabilities could be used to counter a Chinese attack on Taiwan.

Paparo suggested that China’s goal was to have a quick but intense war that would result in them effectively conquering Taiwan and controlling it before the world can properly respond. He suggested that advanced drone fleets could be used to flood the Strait of Taiwan with thousands of unmanned aerial, surface vessel, and submarine drones armed with the latest technology and weapons.

China believes Taiwan is its territory engaged in rebellion and has an open desire to retake the island. China’s President Xi Jinping has ordered the military of China to prepare for an invasion no later than 2027. A recent military exercise by the Chinese saw Taiwan completely surrounded by Chinese naval vessels who then engaged in a series of exercises with one another.

Paparo said that the use of a drone army would allow the U.S. and others time to respond by keeping China’s military occupied. He suggested that the U.S. could turn the strait into an “unmanned hellscape” which would buy a month for a manned response, if necessary.

The Department of Defense has already announced a $1 billion program to buy thousands of drones. The program is called “Replicator.” They’ve used the knowledge gleamed in the Russia-Ukrainian war to inform their use and tactics regarding weaponized drones.

The U.S. also recently approved $8 billion in financial aid to go toward our allies in the region. Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines have been harassed by Chinese vessels asserting claims to disputed territories.

Paparo refused to give specifics, but said that the promise of the program was real and deliverable.

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