Brian Mulroney Dead at 84

( – Former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney died recently; he was 84 years old.

Mulroney was considered a hugely impactful and historical actor in Canadian politics. He helped establish the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the 1980s which facilitated economic cooperation between Canada and the U.S. Mexico eventually entered into the agreement as well.

Mulroney was a political ally of multiple U.S. presidents over the years. He was also considered a wise statesman in the political arena, frequently consulted by media and other politicians for his counsel on political affairs.

He died in a hospital in Palm Beach, Florida after seeking medical attention following a nasty fall, according to his family. Ontario Cabinet Minister Caroline Mulroney, his daughter, announced his death on social media on the evening of February 29.

Mulroney won in a landslide in 1984, the same year liberal prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau stepped down. His son, Justin Trudeau, is the current prime minister.

Mulroney made friends and allies with American President Ronald Reagan in the 80s, which facilitated economic cooperation between the two countries. Fred Ryan with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation issued a statement following Mulroney’s death where he cited Mulroney as facilitating an unparalleled period of cooperation between the U.S. and Canada.

Mulroney had previously delivered eulogies for both Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He had multiple interactions with both men over the years.

Mulroney was publicly against the apartheid in South Africa, which was a break from typically affirming America’s position. Reagan was less critical.

Mulroney had previously acknowledged the uniqueness of the current times during previous interviews. He made no bones about his disapproval of President Donald Trump, and like many others predicted he would lose the 2016 election. He suggested that Trump’s subordinates attacking Justin Trudeau was unprecedented in his experience.

Trump publicly criticized Trudeau and famously threatened to end the NAFTA agreement, which is a part of Mulroney’s legacy.

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