Putin and Kim Jong Un: A Duo to Watch

(TotalConservative.com) –  North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin have been cozying up during a time when both states have been viewed as pariahs by western authorities. Putin invited Kim to the Vostochny Cosmodrome last year and endorsed Pyongyang’s launch of a satellite.

The closeness between the two leaders was once expected between Chinese authorities and the North Koreans, however it’s been five years since Chinese President Xi Jingping met with Kim in person.

Back in February, Russia sent Kim a brand new Russian-made limousine. The transfer was in violation of a UN ban on luxury goods being shipped into North Korea. First Sister Kim Yo Jong called the special features “perfect” and added that the vehicle was “clear proof” that the two nations were developing in their friendship.

Kim has been shipping huge amounts of weapons to Russia for use in its war against Ukraine. At least 10,000 containers have been shipped already, according to South Korea officials. Both men are considered global bad boys who regularly flout demands placed upon them by the UN and western officials.

Russia has been exerting political influence at the UN as well, to aid North Korea. In March, Russia tanked a UN committee which was charged with monitoring North Korean violations of sanctions and other international laws over the last 15 years. Russia’s veto effectively ended the committee’s mission, which will decrease the number of incidents flagged by the international community in which North Korea violates international laws or sanctions placed upon it.

Some observers expect that the Chinese will step in and attempt to reassert its dominance as chief ally to the North. China has long been an ally of the North Koreans who use the tiny irate state as a proxy for anti-US antagonism.

Putin may even make a trip to Pyongyang in the not-too-distant future, further demonstrating their newfound strategic alliance.

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