Amazon Expands Drone Delivery Service

( – As Amazon continues to expand its use of drones for delivery, the company announced that another American city will start receiving deliveries from aerial devices soon.

On Monday, April 22, the tech giant announced that the West Valley area of Phoenix, Arizona, would be the next place to receive drone deliveries. Amazon plans to begin rolling out and introducing the technology to customers in West Valley toward the end of the year, but the company will first have to jump through some legal hoops.

Amazon says it is “currently working” with local government officials and the Federal Aviation Administration to obtain the necessary permits to operate drones in the area. The delivery drones will be deployed from a same-day delivery facility in Tolleson, and the company noted that the development represents the first time drones will become “fully integrated” into Amazon’s network.

The company also announced that its Lockeford, California, drone facility would be shut down soon. Amazon said that the facility, which opened in 2022, will cease operations in order to “prioritize” the company’s resources for continuing to grow the drone program. The tech giant has another drone delivery facility in College Station, Texas, which will remain open.

And these changes aren’t just coming to America. Amazon indicated last year that the company is looking to offer drone delivery services in the UK and in Italy using its brand-new MK30 drone.

The skies may soon be buzzing with these things because Walmart is also looking to compete with Amazon by venturing into the same area. The major retailer has been developing its own system of drone delivery. At the beginning of the year, Walmart expanded the service throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing access to around 1.8 million people.

Walmart already has dozens of drone delivery hubs across six states. The Dallas area has 11 hubs using the technology and is already making thousands of these aerial deliveries annually.

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