Public Majority Believes Dems Weaponize Law Against Opponents

( – A new poll revealed that most voters believe the Democratic party is weaponizing the law to attack their political opposition as exemplified by the ongoing multiple cases against former President Donald Trump. The Harvard-Harris poll was taken on April 24-25 and queried just under 2,000 voters regarding their thoughts on the legal cases against Trump. It has a margin of error of 2%.

The results indicate that most respondents believe that Democrats have weaponized the legal system to attack their political opponents. The overall results show that 57% think the charges against Trump are bogus, while 43% think the charges are legitimate.

Things get interesting when the results are broken down along party lines, 69% of Democrats called the charges fair with 31% believing they’re a concocted sham. Republicans overwhelmingly called the indictments political and partisan: 89%. Fifty-seven percent of Independents believe the charges are bogus.

A breakdown of the poll showed that despite the attempt to harm Trump’s electoral chances or destroy them completely, the charges against Trump are seemingly bolstering his appeal. The observation is explained by the majority seeing the charges as illegitimate and the appearance of the establishment attacking Trump with the legal system earning him sympathy.

Even if he were convicted, the impact seems negligible. Some of the queries on the poll asked about who the person would vote for if Trump were convicted in each case. The results for the Georgia election interference case as well as the classified documents case were split evenly, 50/50. If he’s convicted for offenses related to the January 6 Capitol riot voters still chose Trump, 52/48%.

Trump has turned the accusations against him into a political tool to indict the deep state and President Joe Biden. New York District Judge Merchan has been accused of being a political operative after it was revealed his daughter’s career is built around fundraising for the Democratic party and he himself had previously made political donations in violation of standing policy for judges. Ironically, Merchan is overseeing the NY case alleging campaign finance violations.

Another Emerson poll revealed that Trump is now leading in all the swing states, a bad omen for the Democrats and Joe Biden.

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