Zelenskyy Urges West to Take a Stand Against Russian “Terror”

(TotalConservative.com) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued comments over the weekend following the Iranian strike on Israel on Sunday, April 14 wherein he demanded the “same level of protection” from Russia that the U.S. offered Israel.

The Biden administration activated aircraft and other air defenses in the Middle East to destroy a salvo of hundreds of missiles and drones fired by Iran toward Israel in retaliation for a suspected Israeli strike on its consulate buildings in Syria in March that resulted in the deaths of seven people, including some of its higher ranking generals. The American intervention was largely credited with destroying the lion’s share of the weapons. Many of the weapons failed for technical reasons.

The UK also announced that they participated in the defense of Israel. Jordanian officials also announced that they shot down missiles that entered their airspace. France additionally helped with locating the individual targets and assisting partners in targeting them for destruction. All of the weapons were destroyed before reaching Israel.

Zelenskyy told Ukrainians on the evening of April 15 that the entire world worked together to stop “terror from prevailing.” He also noted that Israel, like Ukraine, is also not a member of NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a group of European countries and international partners signed into a mutual defense pact largely led by America.

Zelenskyy drew parallels between the weapons used against Israel and those used against Ukraine. He said that drones and missiles made in Iran sound the same regardless of their target and missiles cause the same level of destruction everywhere they land.

He suggested that “terror must be defeated” regardless of the source, and suggested that the recent exercise over Israel was the international community playing favorites.

U.K. Foreign Secretary elaborated that using Western jets in the conflict over Ukraine would necessarily escalate the situation whereas in Israel the opposite was the case. He further called the potential of NATO troops to directly engage with the Russians “a dangerous escalation” which would widen the war in Europe beyond Ukrainian and Russian borders.

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