WaPo Calls To Fill Middle America With Migrants

(TotalConservative.com) – Betraying its status as a mouthpiece for radical leftist politics, The Washington Post published an opinion piece on April 20 by its Editorial Board wherein they argue that hordes of foreigners swarming into the U.S. is actually a good thing.

Keen observers will note that we’ve progressed past the “it’s not happening” stage of leftism and are now at “it’s happening and it’s good.” The last step is “we’re making it mandatory.”

WaPo editors argue that the population loss experienced by some cities and jurisdictions in middle America could be filled with “immigrants.” The Post writers are careful to avoid any suggestion that the immigrants are in the country illegally. They make the transition seamless between discussing how immigrant populations have buoyed depressed areas like Detroit, Buffalo, or Akron to referencing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s policy of shipping illegal aliens to Democrat-controlled cities and states.

They call them “migrants” instead of illegal aliens. Curiously they make the observation that people left those areas due to a lack of economic opportunity, and they don’t explain how adding illegals and refugees (many of whom have criminal records in the U.S. or are fleeing justice in their home countries) will help address that problem.

WaPo editors hilariously suggest that illegals could boost tax revenue when the reality is the amount American taxpayers have spent on the crisis so far is difficult to calculate. The cost of human lives lost to criminal aliens who enter illegally, and then kill people while here is something we can’t tally in dollars and cents.

The authors of the piece also call the illegals “asylum seekers,” and acknowledge that many (if not all) could be found ineligible. They seem to imply that nationalizing all the illegals would be a good thing, which has long been a Democrat strategy: import dependents, promise them government benefits, and then run on that platform.

Democrats have stopped attempting to conceal their interest in turning foreigners in the country illegally into voters. Some local jurisdictions are already rushing to grant voting rights to noncitizens for local elections.

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