Celeb Confesses To Years Of Dark Thoughts

(TotalConservative.com) – Christine McGuinness gave shocking testimony during a personal discussion of her past on Spencer Matthews’ “Big Fish” podcast. The former “Made In Chelsea” star described how she experienced low points and dark times with her mental health that left her feeling like she just didn’t want to wake up the next day.

Now 36 and modeling, she feels much better after being accurately diagnosed with autism and ADHD. She said she’s still coping from the difficulties of living so long as a young person without an accurate diagnosis for her condition.

She described multiple times in her late teens where she took sleeping medications up to her room and would plan to take them that night but would get “interrupted” by a family member and be unable to execute the plan.

McGuinness said she regularly thought about suicide. She ultimately never made an attempt on her life, but said that the suicidal ideation was a regular fixture.

Recently she revealed that she finally began taking the ADHD medicine she was prescribed four years ago. Her breaking point came after a recent split from her husband, Paddy. The stress of the situation was such that she figured she’d give the medication a chance. The couple have twins, Penelope and Leo, aged 9, and a six-year-old daughter, Felicity. Their youngest was also diagnosed as autistic. They have joint custody.

Regarding taking her medication, McGuiness said she was hesitant but started with a low dose and found that it really helped her. She said the medication helped her keep calm and focused without having her mind jump to different topics all the time.

She said that she was confused for years as to why she was so different from everyone around her growing up. The diagnosis of autism with ADHD came in 2020, bringing her great relief.

McGuiness added that it was exhausting for years trying to pretend she was fine and holding it all together for the camera. She admitted that she still has difficult days, but now she finds she can cancel plans and take time off when she needs to.

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