Google Reverses Ban On Trump Ad

( – A Donald Trump campaign ad was temporarily pulled from Google ads but apparently reactivated after its removal inspired public backlash on social media. The thirty-second spot featured a young woman making calls to encourage people to vote for Joe Biden, she speaks with a man who complains about inflation and illegal immigration. It was targeting rural Georgian black male voters as President Joe Biden has been losing support among black voters under 50.

On May 3 Andrew Arenge reported that the ad was removed by Google for an unspecified “policy violation” while highlighting the super PAC responsible spent $15,000 on pushing the ad in Georgia.

On May 4, Arenge shared that the ad was up and online again. He also explained that the Trump Super PAC had reuploaded the advertisement to see if it would be pulled down again.

Arenge also showed that Google had nuked some Biden campaign ads which they spent tens of thousands of dollars on. Those ads had to do with abortion and were also flagged for policy violations. It was unclear if they were still down or reactivated.

The backlash grew over a period of days and inspired questions about whether or not Google was interfering in the 2024 election.

Right-wing commentator Steve Miller was “genuinely curious” what policy was violated by the advertisement and argued that a tech company deciding which candidate could run ads and which couldn’t seemed “like a problem.” It wasn’t clear if Miller was aware of the Biden ads that were similarly pulled.

Google has been previously accused of meddling in elections by subtle shifts in its algorithmic-inspired search results and control over YouTube. A study published last March claimed the tech megacorp had interfered in elections 41 times over the past 16 years and universally aided left-wing candidates.

The study’s authors highlight statements made by the company’s chief executives that indicate its willingness to put its finger on the proverbial algorithmic scales. Google representatives denied the claims. Researchers pushed back with examples that showed Google’s chat-AI Gemini refused to respond to questions which could be damaging for President Biden’s electoral chances.

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