Trump Calls Dangerous Protests A Product Of The Left

( – Former President Donald Trump criticized the pro-Palestinian protesters for comparing Israel to Nazis and says the new Nazism is really driven by the antisemitism among left-wing activists.

The end of April and the beginning of May saw an escalation of chaotic protests on university campuses, with growing encampments organized by demonstrators and clashes with police. There were also reports of Jewish students facing increased harassment from pro-Palestinian protesters, including blocking them from attending classes.

On Thursday, May 2, reporters caught Trump outside of the courthouse in New York and asked him to respond to the violent clashes between police and protesters, who have run rampant across university campuses, setting up encampments with makeshift barriers and even taking over buildings. Trump praised “New York’s finest” for cracking down on the lawless demonstrations, calling the NYPD “great” and “incredible” people. He also praised police in Los Angeles, California, for their handling of the tumultuous situation at UCLA. Hundreds of arrests have been made so far across the country.

Trump criticized President Joe Biden and his administration for targeting groups on the right for alleged extremism while ignoring extremism from the left. He said the danger is coming from “a movement from the left” and that despite claims by federal law enforcement, “the right is not the problem.” He added that although the FBI director claims to be worried about the right, others should not because “the right is fine,” and that they should instead “worry about the left.”

Trump called the protesters “radical left lunatics.” He warned that if their movement is not “stopped now,” it will “go on and on” and “get worse and worse. He said such radical left-wing movements “take over countries” and that Americans will not allow “radical left morons to take over” the US.

Last month, Trump admitted in an interview that he doesn’t think a “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is as achievable anymore. He said even though he once believed “two states could work,” he now thinks it will be “very, very tough” to make it work.

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