MTG Claims Dems Want Trump ‘Murdered’

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said in a recent interview that she believes the Democratic Party wants former President Donald Trump “dead.”

Greene appeared on Infowars on Monday, April 22, and told controversial political commentator and journalist Alex Jones that Democrats “literally want [Trump] dead.” During the interview, Greene noted that the former president “is not invincible” and is just a man who is “fighting as hard as possible” and “putting all he has” into winning the next presidential election.

The Georgia congresswoman reminded Jones and the audience that as Trump tries to win back the White House, the former president must “put everything he has into defending himself” in court against trials that Greene described as “rigged.” She said that Democrats want Trump dead and mentioned a bill introduced by Rep. Bennie Thompson and his recent proposal to strip Trump of Secret Service protection.

On Friday, April 19, Thompson introduced legislation that would terminate Secret Service protections for the former president, which specifies that former presidents who are convicted or “extremely dishonorable” would not qualify for such protection. Eight other Democratic representatives co-sponsored the bill, including Barabara Lee of California, Jasmine Crockett of Texas, and Steve Cohen of Tennessee.

The press release noted that the current law does not “anticipate” how the protection of the Secret Service should impact a protectee’s felony prison sentence and that Congress must be “prepared” to update legislation to avoid “protective status” translating into “special treatment.”

Greene insisted to Jones that the Democrats want to take away Trump’s protections because they want something bad to happen to him. She said they want Trump locked up “for the rest of his life” and for him to die in jail. Greene claims that the point of trying to take away Secret Service protections is “so that [Trump] is murdered.”

The Georgia representative is one of the most stern hardliners in the GOP and has been a staunch Trump supporter throughout her time in Congress. Greene has also been stirring controversy lately by going after House Speaker Mike Johnson following another foreign aid package that she and other Republicans are not happy about, and which could lead to motions to have Johnson ousted.

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