Content Creator Reveals Link To Biden Campaign

( – An adult film content creator recently admitted on a podcast that she once created “propaganda” ads on the social media app TikTok on behalf of the Biden administration.

Farha Khalidi, who makes adult content for the subscription-based social media platform OnlyFans, stirred up discourse last month in the political social commentary online sphere after admitting to creating “political propaganda” for President Joe Biden.

On Thursday, April 11, Khalidi appeared on a podcast hosted by Richard Hanania, a political science researcher who spoke with her about her journey from leaving Islam to generating revenue online using OnlyFans and TikTok. Hanania asked Khalidi about her early entry into TikTok and whether or not she was also on OnlyFans while still in school.

Khalidi replied that she began using TikTok during her senior year as an undergrad, around when she realized she would have to start applying for law schools. She claims that she “lucked out” and TikTok became mostly full-time for her. Khalidi then added that by the time she graduated college, she was taking ads from “the Biden administration” and “Planned Parenthood,” as well as “dating apps.” She said the endeavor financially sustained her at the time.

Hanania pressed the content creator about making ads for the Biden administration, prompting her to admit that she did “full-on political propaganda” for the White House.

Khalidi then cited a specific example in which she was approached and hired to promote and support then-Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson after Biden nominated her. Khalidi was asked not to disclose that her post was an ad, which she believes is because they wanted viewers to see her as “some edgy girl of color” who was naturally telling others to support Jackson.

Khalidi claims she turned down that offer and said it “black-pilled” her about political propaganda.

A video clip of the controversial remarks on the podcast surfaced weeks after it was published and went viral after journalist Collin Rugg shared it on social media. Khalidi later clarified her comments and said the Biden administration did not directly reach out to her but through a third-party company.

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