Woman Arrested After Violent Public Rampage

(TotalConservative.com) – A Florida woman was arrested after she went on a delirious rampage while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Police said 37-year-old Christina Marie Crane destroyed property, attacked multiple people, and threatened to murder another woman in Tampa on Friday, April 26. Crane is facing charges including attempted murder, assault, criminal mischief, and use of a weapon.

Pinellas Park Police relayed the story to FOX 13, saying that Crane began her rampage at a Wawa convenience store around 10 p.m. that evening. They said that she was under the influence without specification, but noted that Crane was in a state of “excited delirium” as described by witnesses.

Crane allegedly grabbed a knife from the deli counter and stabbed a man, resulting in a minor abrasion to his left hand and bleeding. Crane then raided the office and threatened to kill a woman working there. Crane also attacked another woman working in the office with the knife, slashing her. She then allegedly smashed the computers in the room, causing over $1,000 in damage.

Court records indicate there are previous charges against Crane from 2021 stemming from a burglary of an occupied dwelling between $100 and $300. The case highlights the connection between drug use, mental health episodes, and violent crime.

Researchers have known for decades that drug-fueled behavior can result in violent crime. Mental health disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can be triggered and exacerbated by the use of certain drugs, especially stimulants like methamphetamine.

Scientists like Dr. Seena Fazel have argued that mental health problems are actually not as much of a concern as the substances which trigger them. She contends that the substance abuse and related behavior is actually the source of violent criminal activity, including crimes of sexual violence, manslaughter, and outright murder.

Fazel highlighted that around 20% of folks who suffer from bipolar disorder will abuse substances whereas just 2% of the general population has the same problem. She contends that this extreme correlation has caused the perception that mental health problems contribute to violent crime, when the real causative factor is perhaps the mind-altering chemicals.

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