Pelosi Snaps At MSNBC Host Over Trump Defense

( – Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California snapped at an MSNBC anchor earlier this week for suggesting the 2020 pandemic is what impacted the job market at the end of former President Donald Trump’s presidency.

On Monday, April 29, Pelosi appeared on “Katy Tur Report” and snapped at Tur during the interview when the host said the pandemic impacted the job market during the former president’s time in office.

Leading up to the heated moment, Pelosi said she has “sympathy and respect” for people who vote and she’s glad when they do. The former House Speaker said she’s aware some voters would “always reject” the “different” type of leadership of the Democrats, but that there are those who they can reach who have “legitimate concerns” about topics Republicans are running on addressing.

Pelosi listed “immigration, globalization,” and “innovation,” as well as how that will impact voters’ jobs and their families’ futures as some of those concerns. She said her party has “to address those concerns,” and that President Joe Biden “is doing that.” Pelosi then credited the president with creating “9 million jobs in his term in office,” while claiming Trump had the “worst” job loss record “of any president.” She added that the Democrats have to “make sure people know.”

Then Tur suddenly pushed back by noting the Trump numbers cited by Pelosi were recorded during “a global pandemic.” The former House Speaker paused, and then she snapped at the host, claiming again that Trump’s record was “the worst… of any president.” She told Tur that the country had other concerns since Trump, and implied the host was being an “apologist” for the former president, which Pelosi said she would not do.

Tur defended herself and said nobody could accuse her of that, after which Pelosi agreed but then brushed past it by noting another of her accomplishments as Speaker. Pelosi went on to dismiss any prospect of Trump returning to the White House, something she said she “cannot subscribe to.”

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