Wonder Woman Comic Used To Criticize Faith And Tradition

(TotalConservative.com) – The classic DC Comic comic “Wonder Woman” has become the latest prop in the culture war after one writer used cherry-picked Bible verses to paint Christianity as a domineering patriarchal ideology used to manipulate women into obedience.

“Wonder Woman #8” written by Tom King was released on April 16 and featured a supervillain using the Bible to cow the famed heroine into compliance with a distorted fantasy reality being projected into her mind by the lasso of lies.

After capturing Wonder Woman, the Sovereign binds her with the magic lasso of lies which forces her into a dream where she’s a 1950s housewife. Diana is nervous about having dinner ready on time and her husband critiques her flaws.

King then drags Bible quotes into the picture to make it appear as if Christianity is oppressive towards women. He used a pallet from Timothy 2:9-15, Ephesians 5:22-24, and more, all quotes that elaborate on how women should regard their husbands.

King conveniently leaves out any material that discusses how husbands are to treat their wives. Ephesians 5:25-28 was seemingly deliberately cut to make it seem as if the issue was one-sided. God instructed husbands to treat their wives “as Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her, that he may sanctify her…” but those verses wouldn’t help make King’s argument.

Ultimately Wonder Woman must reject God to escape the fantasy illusion being hoisted upon her. Del Arroz writing for PJ media said that King’s “implied message” is that the Bible is a tool of the evil corrupt patriarchy. He added that DC Comics has been pushing more anti-Christian messaging in its content for years now.

Arroz suggested that this was a mask-off moment for the company, revealing it’s producing propaganda instead of superhero stories. He said that the producers of the comic “hate America and Christ” and aren’t trying to hide it.

John F. Trent writing for That Park Place said that King is obviously painting “Christianity as evil” by association with the Sovereign. He also observed that the hero has to reject Christianity to escape.

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