Tulsi Gabbard Ready And Willing To Run On Trump Ticket

(TotalConservative.com) – Tulsi Gabbard says she is ready to serve her country again if called upon to become former President Donald Trump’s running mate for the upcoming general election.

On Monday, April 29, Gabbarb appeared on The Rubin Report and was asked by host Dave Rubin if she was ready to answer the call if selected by Trump to be his running mate. Gabbard said she was ready, adding that she knows “in a deep and visceral way” what’s at stake in the upcoming election.

Gabbard said that if the call came, she “would say yes” and would “be honored to serve” and to be in a position in which to help win the election to “stop the Democrat elite” from destroying the country. After that, the “real work of getting [the US] back on track” will begin, a job she said begins when courageous people are in the government, people “who care more about the country” than Washington’s political elite, and about “rooting out” the rot within its bureaucratic and administrative structures.

The former congresswoman told Rubin that it would take an entire team “of joyful warriors” to take on that kind of fight, adding that many “powerful people who are unelected” will do everything to keep that power at the expense of the American people’s well-being.

Shortly after leaving politics following her 2020 presidential run, Gabbard joined a Civil Affairs unit for the US Army Reserve. She also ran as a Democrat but eventually disavowed the party and walked away from it.

Gabbard’s remarks on Rubin’s show weren’t the first indication that she would accept a call to run on a Republican ticket. In March, she appeared on Fox News and told host Jesse Waters that she would take on the role in order to be “in a position to solve problems,” and that the US has a lot of them to solve.

Although she endorsed him in 2020 after stepping down from the race, Gabbard now maintains that re-electing President Joe Biden cannot be allowed to happen.

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