Thousands Of Frozen Pizzas Recalled

( – A frozen pizza company based in Vermont is recalling over 8,000 boxes of its product after the packaging failed to indicate the presence of soy, an allergen for many. The USDA issued the recall for the “MEAT!!! CRISPY WOOD-FIRED CRUST HAND MADE” pizzas manufactured by 802 VT Frozen after April 25, 2023 but before April 25, 2024.

The recall indicated that the reason was the failure to indicate the presence of soy, a potentially dangerous allergen. The products are listed with the establishment number “EST. 46308” and features a USDA-approved label on the box.

The boxes are all square with bright red and white lettering. The pizzas will have an expiration date between April 25th, 2024 and April 25th, 2025 which will be listed on the back of the package.

The USDA said that the pizzas were mostly distributed to retailers and fundraisers in New England and the northeast of the country. The allergen was identified during a routine Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) check that revealed there was soy present in the product but not listed on the ingredients label.

Allergic reactions to soy include itching, hives, swelling of the lips, nausea, stomach aches and reddening of the skin. More serious allergies can cause black outs and loss of consciousness, rapid heartbeat, shock symptoms, and difficulty breathing.

Soy is one of the “big 8” allergens along with milk, eggs, shellfish, wheat, sesame, tree nuts, and peanuts. These allergens make up roughly 90% of the allergen-related medical issues impacting Americans every year. Federal rules mandate the labels of any product that contains one or more of the big 8 to have it clearly listed on its label.

The FDA said that they have not received any reports of adverse reactions following consumption of the pizzas and urged consumers to return the products to their place of purchase or discard them in the trash. The FDA also encouraged anyone who believes to have experienced a related allergy attack to contact their medical provider.

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