Hostage Families Fear Cease Fire Will Cause Harm

( – The family of one of the Israeli hostages taken during the October 7 raids is reminding the world that any cease-fire without the requirement of releasing the hostages could result in them being killed in captivity.

Omer Neutra is a 23-year-old American-Israeli dual citizen who was taken during the attacks. His father, mother, and brother appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” on April 6 to issue a scathing critique to Hamas apologists who seem unconcerned about the fate of the hostages.

They argued that any cease-fire without the requirement of releasing the hostages as a precondition would be tantamount to a death sentence for any hostages who have survived. Orna and Ronen Neutra, Omer’s parents, said that their son being taken has turned their lives upside down.

They said that the return of the hostages should be the first concern for all involved.

Protesters largely continue to side with the Palestinians and Hamas. Left wing protesters have been hotly critical of President Biden’s handling of the ongoing conflict which entered its seventh month of open warfare over the weekend.

The scandal resulted in a campaign to vote “uncommitted” in many Democratic primaries, with the vote revealing anywhere from 10-30% picking the alternative to Biden in primaries from Michigan to Washington state.

Democrats have courted the far left and pro-Palestinian voters which is leaving them little room to hedge the issue. Biden has attempted to walk the proverbial line between firmly supporting Israel and criticizing its warfare. The result has caused him a lot of political pressure to end the conflict as soon as possible, lest further harm occur to his polling and potential chances to win reelection in November.

Republicans are more generally in support of Israel, though some libertarian leaning conservatives believe we had no business supporting either side of the conflict. Congress is expected to debate a foreign aid bill which will include additional support for Israel when they return to session on April 9.

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